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Long Island Ice & Fuel Corp is Riverhead's oldest and most reliable fuel supplier, proudly serving our customer base for six generations since 1880. We have always operated on the motto of providing our customers with the finest service available at competitive prices. We offer both automatic and will call delivery service for #2 Fuel Oil and Kerosene.

  • Automatic Delivery – You no longer have to worry about checking your tank and calling for deliveries just leave the worry to us. Automatic Delivery is free of charge and consists of state-of-the-art software combined with degree day system as well as time to monitor your fuel use. With free automatic delivery your deliveries are made when your tank is approximately ¼ full plus a five day reserve based on your consumption. To qualify for automatic delivery we must have a completed credit application and or a credit card on file.


  • Will Call Delivery – Will Call delivery is available from Wading River to Southold on the North shore and Moriches to Southampton on the South shore. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons and we offer discounts for amounts over 150 gallons. Long Island Ice & Fuel can normally serve any request for delivery prior to 10:00 A.M. in the same day, orders made after 10:00 A.M. will be delivered the following day if we are unable to deliver the same day. All will call deliveries will be subject to cod delivery unless prior arrangements are made or we have completed credit application and or credit card on file.


  • Budget Plans – Budget plans are highly suggested for our automatic delivery customers. There is no fee for the budget program, simply put it is the most convenient and economical way to purchase for fuel for your needs. Budget plans are based on your previous consumption and estimating pricing divided into 10 equal payments. Budget plans begin in September and end in June. Budget plans and automatic delivery is without debate the most worry free and economical ways to avoid large untimely bills when you can least afford it.


  • HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) – Long Island Ice & Fuel Corporation gladly participates in the HEAP program. We have been active with heap for over 20 years. In today’s challenging economy we understand how difficult it can be to make ends meet. All of our heap customers are provided the same services as our regular customers.

Our fuel products services include:

We offer budget plans and heap deliveries.


We can bill your credit card monthly to help you take control of your bills.

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For customers who pride themselves on paying their bill promptly Long Island Ice & Fuel offers a prompt pay discount of 15¢ per gallon for #2 Fuel Oil and 10¢ per gallon for Kerosene on deliveries of 150 gallons or more with the entire balance paid within 5 days.