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Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver all over Long Island, or for bigger saving you can pick up your ice directly at our plant. We also have coverage in the five boros.

Q. How is ice I make at home different from the ice we produce?

A. We use a process where the only the purest water is frozen producing a safer and cleaner product. Our production and manufacturing is regulated, monitored and independently lab tested from the incoming water to the time you purchase our products.


Q. What size products do you have?

A. We provide packaged ice in bags in 5, 16, and 40 lb. bags. We have packaged block ice in 10 lb. bags and block ice in "cake" form in 25 lb. increments up to 300 lbs. as well as 300 lb. perfectly clear Clinebell blocks for ice sculpting and luges.



Q. Can you deliver direct to my business?

Yes we supply your business (convenience store, deli, grocery store, gas station, marina, bait + tackle, ect.) with a freezer that would best fit to the volume you would sell and you get automatic deliveries weekly based on your sale volume. You just call our office with your business information and set up an account, and we will bring the appropriate ice freezer and deliver it directly to your business.


Q. How much ice can you make?

A. We are capable of producing 300,000+ lbs. of ice every day. We also store up to 1000 tons (two million pounds wow!) of premium products to meet your summertime demands regardless of the size of your event.


Q. How much ice do you need for your party or event?

A - From 60 - 80 degrees

Per person 1 lb.

Per case 10 lbs.

¼ Keg 50 lbs.

½ keg 100 lbs.

Weddings per person 2 - 3 lbs.


Over 80 degrees

Per person 1½ lbs.

Per case 15 lbs.

¼ Keg 75 lbs.

½ keg 150 lbs.

Weddings per person 4 - 5 lbs.


Humidity and temperature are big factors when calculating your ice needs, please take this into to consideration when calculating your needs. It’s a good rule to purchase about 10 – 20% additional packaged ice for last minute forgotten about items that need to be chilled.


Shipping - coolers or containers should be packed as tight as possible to have minimum air space to provide the longest cooling time. By eliminating the amount of air space there is less opportunity to melt the Ice.


Q. How big are the ice blocks?

Sizes of blocks 25 lb. block is approximately = 11" x 11" x 8"

50 lb. " " = 11" x 11" x 16"

150 lb. (half cake) = 11” x 11” x 44”

300 lb. (cake) = 11” x 22” x 44”

Perfectly clear Clinebell carving block = 10” x 20” x 40"


Q. How long will dry ice last?

A. Dry ice will sublime between 15% - 50 % of its volume per day depending on its use.


Q. Can I touch dry ice?

A. No, dry ice is compressed carbon dioxide the temp is -119 F and will burn human skin. Heavy gloves should be used when handling dry ice.


Q. How long will an ice luge last?

A. It depends on a variety of factors - temperature, humidity, placement of the luge, how long the luge has been unrefrigerated prior to use, the amount and temperature of product being used on the luge.


For best results we strongly suggest picking up the luge as close to the time at which you will be using it. Please pick up your luge with a pick-up truck as they are very heavy. If you are unable to pick up your luge, delivery can be arranged with an additional fee.


Q. What type of ice luges do you have?

A. We offer a "standard luge that measures approximately 10" x 20" x 32" and normally have adequate supply. However, we suggest reserving luges 48 hours in advance with a credit card.


For an additional fee we can design any type of luge that you desire. Although most custom luges can be designed and sculpted in 24 - 48 hours, we require 5 day notice to ensure you will receive exactly what you desire in a custom luge.


Q. How much do ice luges cost?

A. Standard luge picked up at our plant cost is $85.00. Delivery charges range from $25 to $75 depending on location and time of delivery. Custom luges start at $150 and up.


Q. How do I set my ice luge up?

A. That is entirely up to you, personal preference has been the most common choice with a variety of selections. We strongly suggest a stable placement suitable safely supporting the weight of the luge.


Q. How much does a luge weigh?

A. Standard luge weighs approximately 100 lbs. Custom luge weight depends on the size and design on the piece.

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